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About: OurMission | Vision

Our Philosophy is:

To PRAY to receive instruction from God , to GO where He instructs us to go, to TRAIN those we meet and to SEND these people into the harvest in their communities and the nations.

Our Mission is:

To reach disenfranchised people and to raise them up to go into the nations.

Our Mission in Details:

  • To reach and spiritually mentor youth all around the world.

  • To plant churches and help existing churches/ ministries to be effective in their missions in order to experience Godly transformation in their communities around the world.

  • To serve communities/people that are oppressed and underprivileged around the world so that they can be followers of Christ that bring their expression before the Lord.

Our Vision is:

To see people groups and communities with displaced worship bring their truest expression of worship back unto God-John 4:23-24

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